Flexible Roles for a Stronger Team

Flexible Roles for a Stronger Team

Like most sports, volleyball requires teamwork. A volleyball team is made up of a group of individuals with different skills. They all specialize in different roles, whether it’s an offensive or defensive position. In high school, I played the Libero position – which is the defensive specialist. Libero means ‘free’ in Italian as this role can substitute for any other player on the court (as long as they’re in the back row). In this defensive role, I was responsible for receiving attacks or serves. If the opposing team was on the offense, I needed to be ready to cover any ball that came off my team’s blockers or lack of blockers. In other cases, if the setter got the first contact, I took on another role – the second setter. Being in this position, I wore different hats – just like our team does at Infinite Blue.

I’ve recently joined the Infinite Blue team as the Support Technician. Before I came along, there wasn’t a designated Support Technician – everyone took part. During my initial interview, my (now) manager mentioned that everyone “wore multiple hats” and that no one was tied down to a specific role. With my experience in the libero role, I was already used to supporting a team in various ways, making me a critical team player I knew that a flexible role and great teamwork was what I was looking to pursue 

Teamwork is often considered a crucial part of a business. So, what is teamwork and why is it so crucial? Teamwork is defined as the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Most businesses have teams dedicated to Business Continuity to ensure operations and core business functions are functioning after a disaster or unplanned disruption. This specialized team could save the company a substantial financial amount as well as even lives in the event of a disaster. In our industry, it is so important for a BC/DR team to cross-train it’s team membersAs we know no one can be 100% prepared for a disaster, so having a well cross-trained team can ensure extra help and benefit your BC/DR program at a time of need. 

Since we are headquartered outside of Philadelphia, I find it fitting to close with the example of the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Superbowl in 2017. This team lost most of their players and lead quarterback but came together to preserver and win their first Superbowl. After winning, their coach Doug Pederson said something very prolific “An individual can make a difference, but a team makes a miracle.”