Fighting the War against Hackers

Cyber-attacks are inevitable.  Thankfully we have IT security teams that keep all of the technology within an organization secure from hackers, who are attempting to breach internal systems and gain control of private information.  It is important not to be narrow minded when thinking of information security.  System threats come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the most common threats that companies face today are software attacks, property or identity theft, and even information extortion.

In recent years, there have been many companies that were victims of cyber-attacks.  You may not always be able to prevent them, but you are responsible for all of the technology and information within your company.  So one might ask, how can I protect my company, my employees and my customers from hackers?

Here are a few tips that will help safeguard your organization:

  • Create internal policies that govern the acceptable use and controls of critical systems
  • Keep all computers and end-point devices updated; require BYOD devices to be up to date
  • Increase employee awareness by conducting annual training sessions
  • Enforce strong passwords that must be changed frequently and cannot be repeated
  • Establish and communicate an information classification policy for all data

It is important to take every step necessary to protect yourself and your company from cybercrime.  Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate but sophisticated technicians are growing in numbers even faster.  Don’t become a target for these hackers and protect your business.