It’s Time for Your (BCIC) Digital Transformation

What does “Digital Transformation” really mean for companies in 2019? Since the dawn of the computer age, organizations have been asking themselves how they can keep up with the times. From an innovation point of view, Digital Transformation at its core is taking analog processes and automating them with technology. When done correctly, the financial investment is well worth the up-front costs for years to come. Over the course of weeks, months, or even years an entire department or workflow can be revamped – think streamlining, process improvement, and efficiencies simply not possible otherwise.

Where does BC in the Cloud (BCIC) factor into this plan? It may be specific to your BC/DR program moving away from printed plans, word documents, and excel files. Or it may be one part of your company’s overall goals to use technology to work smarter, not harder.  The product itself is customizable, flexible enough to leverage any existing templates or documents, and prompt necessary updates during implementation. Now, instead of manually pulling metrics and shaping the narrative to your end users and leadership teams, the system itself contains the data you need including dashboards for an easy (and always up-to-date) bird’s eye view.

There are other benefits of using BCIC that have very real impacts on your key stakeholders – consider internal and external audit functions, IT and cyber security, and in times of crisis, access to your plans from any device with an internet connection for your front-line business partners. All of these aspects can make or break a company under the right circumstances and should be considered when seeking a solution that fits into your digital transformation goals.

How do we reach the “next level” with BCIC in mind? This is where you have the opportunity to shine! No matter what stage of your digital transformation journey you find yourself in, the beginning, middle, end, having faced a set-back, or needing a refresh: BCIC can change with you. Many times, digital transformation is thought of as a project to get infrastructure in place, develop new methodologies, or simply fix a current problem. As time goes on, there will always be newer technology and new challenges to solve, with a backward glance at the now-dated digital solutions from the recent past. Rather than put BCIC to the side and explore other products on the market, you can save time and energy knowing you can tailor what you have into what you need.

We all know it to be true – technology has become one of the single largest drivers of change for both our professional and personal lives. BCIC can be a part of the future of your program and fit in directly with any organization’s goals for digital transformation. The difference being no matter what your goals look like in the next few years, BCIC can remain as your go-to solution to adapt and change to your needs.