Have No Fear, Notification Systems are Here!

How well does your organization communicate?  If the answer is not too great, then let me share a solution that could help you.  Notification software is a rapidly growing area in business continuity.  These dynamic structures allow you to reach your employees by personal or work contact information, fax, and even SMS text. Notification software includes a plethora of features, such as reaching employees based on geographic location, if a specific population is impacted by regional events.  Time is of the essence when your organization is critically impacted.  These advancements in communication not only allow companies to locate and confirm their employees safety but enables anytime, anywhere communication.

There are endless benefits to having emergency notification systems implemented within your organization.  A few of those benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Threat Response – organizations are able to quickly react to large scale threats like weather patterns and pandemics
  • Reduces the spread of misinformation – sending location or department wide notifications help control the message that is being conveyed and avoid misinformation from being distributed
  • Web-based system – system administrators have the ability to initiate notifications from any place they have internet connection
  • Real-Time Information – have to ability to provide real-time status updates on the incident that has occurred

These are just a few of the benefits an organization can appreciate when they implement an emergency mass notification system.  The terrifying truth is that anything can happen without a moment’s notice.  It is in these situations that organizations require flawless communication.

Now I ask you, if you haven’t already implemented notifications, what are you waiting for?