A Generation that Speaks Up

It is becoming more common to see the integration of millennials in the workforce. Many people assume this population of workers to be young kids fresh out of college. However, that is not the case. The higher ladder of millennials are already holding roles in management, leadership and even executive positions. Companies are seeking out millennials because they are a generation of visionaries and bring new perspectives. It is estimated that by the end of 2016, millennials will be the largest generation in the workforce.

A key characteristic of these young workers is their ability to speak up and take a stand. They have been socially trained to look at the bigger picture and ask necessary relevant questions that will take your organization to the next level. Given their go-getter mentality, millennials want to grow and that includes growing out of your company if they don’t see the promise of personal benefit or growth.

Due to their unlimited resources young millennials have become well adapted problem solvers and critical thinkers. It is important not to slow them down but to continue providing them with advanced and challenging opportunities. Having more technical exposure than past generations has allowed this body of people to work faster and access information much quicker. So one might ask, how can millennials be leveraged to reach creative solutions when a disaster strikes?

Here are several ways this technologically advanced generation can help your organization rise to the challenge of threats and disasters:

  • Millennials are more comfortable with evolving technology and the constant shift in digital landscape
  • They are more eager to take risks than previous generations and look at the overall big picture
  • They want to actively collaborate with co-workers to gain insight and knowledge
  • Millennials are quick to highlight unexpected strengths and make suggestions for helpful changes.

This rising workforce population is a generation of leaders. Millennials possess strong desires to make a difference and be heard. Their open-mindedness and willingness to take risks will help organizations thrive and grow.